All of Me...


My name is Monique.
I'm a very personal, passionate, opinionated, and straight-forward person.
I also have faith in the only living, breathing God.
I try my best to live day-to-day as Christ did and to be the best example for Him as I can.
This place will be the ONLY place where I express my honest feelings, vent and free my mind.

Please go away.

Dont know why you’re in love with the girl you’re looking at.
You’ve described her to me but I can’t see her.

Haven’t had the greatest morning, But I remember I found a Starbucks card and registered it. Found out it had $25.50 on it!!! Wow!!!

Oh, His grace! :’)
Undeserved but still provided.

I’ve decided I’m going to go to the beach early on Sunday. Moonlight beach, to be precise. I really need to take a loud off my mind, relax, reflect and get some clarity and perspective. Plan to sit on the beach, hopefully the weather is ok, and write, listen to music, and watch the waves.

I need me time with the Lord so bad. It’s only my fault I’ve gotten this far away.

I just want to feel better. I wanna be in better health that I am now so I don’t have to go through what i did today. I’m still so upset at the fact the doctor didn’t refill my antibiotics. The previous dr. told me it could come back if I didn’t drink enough water. So be it, I didn’t. So I went back to the drs office for more meds. And it was a different doctor, 1 I’ve had an appointment with before, and wasn’t too impressed with. As soon as you walk in the door I knew it wasn’t going to be a good visit.

He asked me what I was in for and I told him. I was in for a refill of antibiotics for my kidney infection because it had came back. Then he asked me if I have experience urgency to use the restroom, and some other questions. I answered yes to all of them including which 1 about my back hurting. Then he had me stand up and then forwards and backwards to see if it hurts or not. It didn’t hurt a lot, but it hurt enough to where doing so made it hurt.

Then going forward he reminded me of why I was there about the antibiotics and I said I need a refill because infection seems to be coming back and he said basically that I needed to take the ibuprofen and muscle relaxers. Long story short my back still hurts because I didn’t take my medicine. I quote. Not because I had a previous kidney infection , because I didn’t take the pain medication.

I find it funny and frustrating at the same time because why would the previous doctor have me take a urine sample and find an infection in the urine and perscribed me antibiotics along with the pain meds? And this time the same pain is coming back due to the lack of water that I haven’t been drinking, which is my fault, and I don’t get it the same treatment? I took a urine sample and everything but still this particular Dr seems to always be lazy when I come in.

So hopefully the doctor I saw before will be there this weekend like they said she would be. So maybe then I will be able to get it more antibiotics for this. Or even see what’s really going on with me.


Getting emotional and crying at work is not my style, whatsoever.

Lord, please help me. I need your strength and guidance.

I recieved forgiveness while watching this. While watching the end I thought of the promise I broke to my Lord.

His wife, before they married, was so active in ministry. Had she not married she would probably still continue to do ministry full time. That got me thinking when I was single I was pretty much in full time ministry too. Then when I develop a relationship with my boyfriend three years ago, I kind of it did the ministry part time. And before entering the relationship I told God nothing will change between His and mine. But as time went by I slowly became unfaithful to my promise.

Now, I’m watching the video and a thought pass through my head and it said, “I forgive you & it’s okay. Ministry comes in different forms. Whether it’s in the church, on the street or in your home. Ministry is serving. Serving God. Serving others.”

Then I got thinking, even though the Lord still lives in my heart, I’m still serving Him even though I’m with my boyfriend and helping my him out with his business.

It’s all about the heart. If your intentions are for good and you genuinely mean well AND God is the influence, you will find forgiveness. And everything will be ok.

Everyone is getting married and having babies. And vice versa. I feel sort of left out. :(
I dont want to be that girl who gets to experience this in my 30’s. =\

Idk, I hope I don’t seem selfish. One thing i have learned from not getting married so soon is time does tell all amd being patient has been worth it, thus far.